Education Department

Head of the Education Department

Kasymova Gulzhamal Abdilovna –¬†Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

The Education Department is a structural department of NSU for ensuring the organization and management of the educational process for the implementation (realization) of educational programs based on the license issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The Education Board was established in 2008 as a result of structural changes in NSU. Since its establishment, the educational board has been managed by candidate of biological sciences T. Atanaev, candidate of philological sciences A. Cholponbaev, candidate of technical sciences K. Dyushekeyev and candidate of pedagogic sciences, associate professor D.M. Azhibaev led. Currently, the candidate of pedagogic sciences G. A. Kasymova leads.

The main goals of the educational administration are to organize the educational process on the basis of traditional and credit technology, to coordinate it and to control the effective organization of educational activities of faculties and departments. The department conducts work in the following directions:

  • development and provision of normative documents on the organization of the educational process;
  • planning, organizing, controlling and analyzing the learning process;
  • development of educational plans and normative documents on the organization of the educational process in cooperation with departments and faculties;
  • creating reports on the educational process and the implementation of educational programs;
  • to control the planning of teaching loads of the teaching staff of the university and their actual implementation;
  • registration and analysis of student achievement, monitoring and development of measures to increase the quality of education in cooperation with faculties and departments;
  • introduction of information technologies into the educational process;
  • timely and correct preparation of documents related to the movement of students;
  • organization of activities in the preparation of documentation for obtaining a license, certification (accreditation) for educational programs
  • preparation of the necessary documentation for conducting and preparing the final state certification in cooperation with the department and faculties.
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